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Welcome to Converse Media

Industry Events

We specialise in the creation and delivery of international industry events.  Focusing on high growth and change intensive industries, we aim to provide a quality service to our attendees for both knowledge sharing, networking and to facilitate trade

Event Incubation

We understand that there are many excellent ideas coming from entrepreneurial sales and product people.  Converse Media has established a network of potential investors who are willing to invest in new interesting event projects.

In addition Converse Media will assist the new venture providing infrastructure, experience and resource as necessary to get the event off the ground in as quick and efficient a manner as possible. 

Consulting and Advisory

With many years operational experience overlain with M&A and strategic analysis activity at corporate level Converse Media is in a strong position to advise on many aspects from operational efficiency, acquisition due digiligence through to a full blown strategic review of the business.

Event Management

Our breadth of expertise allows us to add real value to corporates, associations and other organisations when planning events for their customers and members.

From generic advisory services to full service event management we are able to work closely with customers of all sizes.

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